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Lee Robertz was born Lee Robert Sanders Bateman in Sherman, Texas in 1969. Being raised in a small Texas town by only his Mother, Lee wrote his first song at 5 years old. Or so he thought… Shortly after receiving a small radio from his Grandfather, he slept with under his pillow, he told his mom about writing the song and she asked him to sing it and come to find out it was “Pretty Woman” by Rob Orbison. From that moment on Lee knew what he wanted to do with his life. Write songs! He was hooked! With the energy of music coursing through his blood, Lee spent time learning the piano with his Grandmother, but once he picked up the guitar he knew where his heart was. Lee participated in choir at Sam Houston Elementary school in Denison where his 6th grade teacher wrote on his report card “I’m not sure what you are going to do with your life but I bet it is going to have something to do with music”. When he turned 16, he bought his first guitar, it was an Arbor. It took him about 3 months to pay it off. As he progressed in his musical career, Lee joined a couple speed metal bands in High School. In 1988 he recorded his first song on a cassette deck on the living room floor and an old acoustic guitar a friend had given him. The song was called the prejudice song and the next day he went to work at a local retailer and in the electronic dept and put his tape on to see how it sounded on good equipment and before the end of the song a guy came over and listened to the tape. He was shocked when he asked who it was and he answered it was his. The gentleman asked for a meeting and wanted to hear more songs as he was a manager and represented a lot of singers and they were in need of songs. Within two weeks he was recording a demo tape in his living room on reel to reel. They did about four songs and the recording was very rough so A month later he went to another studio in Garland and recorded the prejudice song. After recording the prejudice song his manager used it in a PSA for Dallas Homeless and Gloria Compos from channel 8 news saw his PSA and asked about the songwriter and if he could rewrite it to be about the desert storm war. So Lee sat up all night and rewrote the song to be "The War Song" and went back to the studio to put new vocals on.  

In 2000 he completed his first independent CD “It’s All about Love”. Featuring Gotta Believe, Nobody loves you, The Door, and International online hit Eagle Cries (911 Tribute).

1990 Music Spotlight Battle of the bands from

The Art Institute in Dallas

When he was asked to play at the 1990 music spotlight battle of the bands from the Art Institute in Dallas, Lee quickly formed “Caught in the Act”, within two weeks pulling in a high school friend Paul Barnett for the bass, Raymond Barron on drums, Eric Keathley on Lead guitar and lead vocals Newne. They took home the top award that night. Shortly after the band reformed with Lee on vocals and became “Last Stand”. They played the Dallas area until the end of 1991 when Lee moved out of state to start a family. Never forgetting his dream to write, Lee continued to write music while raising 2 beautiful children. In 1993 "The War Song" was used on Dallas TV stations Desert storm stories and went on to the national news circuit playing on CNN. 

Lee was getting ready to record his next album in 2011, but after finding his son after he died from suicide, the project was shelved due to depression. After being diagnosed with PTSD in 2014, Lee started intense therapy and completed all training within a year with a new love for life. While going through treatment, he recorded the Lee Robertz Little Black Cloud and has currently released of The Golden Harvest Days Instrumental CD. Now, he has two albums he is working on, one we be an Americana Folk story songs and the other another instrumental, he is going back to his roots and recording a heavy metal instrumental album as well.

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