Free Music For a Limited Time on Reverbnation

Throughout the month of August we are giving away free mp3’s of Lee Robertz song “Little Black Cloud” on Reverbnation signing up is free and so is the mp3 I look forward to making more music available to my fans for free. Tell me what you think.

The Prejudice Song

The Prejudice Song was one of the first songs I wrote in 1987 and I honestly never really though of it as a song more a poem to music because it was only three chords over and over, but once my manager heard the song he got it on a local PSA to help the […]

Nobody Loves You

My journey is a lifelong quest to find peace in every moment available to me. I have read books and been taught by professionals but the best education I have ever received is from person to person contact and the love shared through those experiences. With that in mind I feel it necessary to share […]